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How Digital Watermarking Works

  • Standard Watermarking
    • Noise inherent in images can be used to store data, such as your copyright statement (this process is known as steganography).
    • The resulting digital watermark is imperceptible to the human eye but can be decoded with appropriate software.
    • Cons: filtering out the noise, slightly blurring the image or reducing its dimensions will destroy the watermark.
  • CatchLock Watermarking and Fingerprinting
    • An arsenal of proprietary algorithms.
    • Some of the stamping algorithms are completely resistant to blurring and other conventional attacks on watermarks that rely solely on steganography.
    • Not just a watermark: can be configured to include both the owner's name and the viewer's name.
      • Viewers are no longer anonymous, and therefore are less likely to redistribute images that bear their fingerprints.
      • If your viewers pay for subscription with credit cards, they can be charged in case of infringement.
    • Can add a visible stamp and a logo to clearly convey that the image is copyrighted and is licensed for only one viewer.

How CatchLock Subscription Works

  • Whenever someone requests an image from your website, the picture is first passed through the CatchLock web server, where it is stamped and fingerprinted with both the owner's and viewer's names before being transmitted to the viewer.
  • The CatchLock server also monitors for hacking and mass-downloading attempts. It can automatically ban the culprit from further access, and notify you via email or a mobile phone.
  • You do not need to buy any equipment or software. Simply:
    1. Sign up and purchase credits.
    2. Specify your website address where your images are found. This location can, and should, be password-protected.
    3. Select stamping algorithms which you'd like to use and specify whether you'd like to add your company's logo to the images.
    4. Copy & Paste HTML / PHP code into your website that allows your server to connect to the CatchLock server.
  • There are no monthly or setup fees.
  • You will pay only for the stamping services that you use, on a per-stamp basis.