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Walk-Through Demo
    Sample web site that uses CatchLock: Mediglyphics.com

  • STEP 1: Preview - This demo has the preview function enabled. It will show "SAMPLE" written all over the images. Please browse the pictures below and then click on the next step.
  • STEP 2: Registration - Websites that use CatchLock ordinairly require users to sign up. Subscriber accounts are activated when subscriber's billing address and credit card number are verified. For the purposes of this demonstration, addresses and credit card numbers are not verified. Please register below.
  • STEP 3: Login - Enter the log in username that you registered with in the previous step. Password is "demo".
  • STEP 4: Open Interface - This is the "open" interface; users can download the photos to their computer, but the photos are stamped in visible and hidden ways with their identifying information. Please browse the pictures. When you're done, DISABLE POP-UP BLOCKER in your browser and click on the next step (you can try clicking on the next step while pressing Ctrl key).
  • STEP 5: Closed Interface with Traps - This is the "closed" interface; it's very difficult for users to download the photos to their computer. However, as mentioned in the overview, such mechanism can always be circumvented. CatchLock contains "traps" in addition to the fingerprint stamps. Users who attempt to bypass the download protection and save pictures to their computer inadverently stumble on one of these traps. CatchLock can be configured to display a warning or immediately revoke the subscriber's account. In addition, a warning can be sent to the system administrator via email and/or a text message sent to a pager or cellular phone. If you'd like to see an example of this, copy & paste the "backdoor URL" of one of the photos into your browser's address bar ( http://www.catchlock.com/images/user/P1010114.JPG ) or click here.
  • STEP 6: Restart Demo. - You may restart the demo if you wish.